Dress your body for this exact moment


I am sad to see so many women not appreciate how beautiful they are. I’ve been there.

It is so tiring to always go against the current. Isn’t it?

When are we going to understand that it is our inner self and of course our health that really matters

It’s obvious that today’s society is not helping with images of very thin and sculpted silhouette. I have heard so many times » I’m just going to lose another 5 pounds and then I’ll be able to go shopping for better clothes

We have to dress our body for what it is at this moment and highlight it by respecting our body shape. That little muffin cup won’t matter nor the extra roundish behind if you dress your body to look its best.

Feel good in your skin right now.

Maybe that muffin cup will stay with us for a while so what are we going to do in the meantime?

We mope, that’s what happens and it’s not good for our health.

I recently assisted a client with a weight issue and we discovered that she has an amazing « booty ». She was hiding it under loose and long tops because she thought she had to.

We found her shorter trendy tops (and yes, you can be trendy and elegant whatever your morphology); the perfect cut jeans, an essential to your wardrobe and accessories to complete her look.

We were both smiling from ear to ear and we could feel the amazing energy in the fitting room.

In the end, we have to understand that if a weight issue affects our physical health we have to decide what we want to do about it. But if it just society’s pressures to look good, let’s not give it another thought .Go and be beautiful just as you are at this exact moment in time.

May you always shine.


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