Stepping into your best self starts with well-fitted undergarments


It is important that the clothes we choose to feel like the Goddesses that we are, have a good fit. You can have clothes that are perfect for your silhouette but if the undergarments don’t hold in the right place the right stuff, you’re in trouble!

Most women don’t wear the good size bra so it is a good investment to consult a specialist in the field or a“corsetière” as we say in French to get a bra fitting so you have the “girls” right where they should be. On top of that the “corsetière” will make sure you get the best coverage and support dependant on your breast shape. She will also do a panty fitting because, once again, we all have different shapes and different tastes!

Talking about the bottom part, I strongly believe that a body shaper is a must. Don’t get me wrong; it is not our grandmother’s girdle but an amazing tool to make the panty lines disappear. It will give you a nice smooth fit on that bottom piece you are wearing, from the LBD to white jeans.

The best part of it is that you will feel confident if everything fits properly starting at the first layer.

That is the goal here: Confidence, Well-Being, and Self-Esteem

Consult your stylist and get more information about this topic.

All the power to you Goddesses

May you always shine


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