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What is Soul Styling?


From the heart: the origin of Soul Styling

From an early age my body was talked about, judged and not accepted. I had heard so many times: you have such a pretty face, too bad you’re fat. I was even offered to shed pounds for the wonderful payment of 10$/pound. I was so NOT like rest of my family when it came to shape; my sister used to tease me about being adopted.

So by the time I was 10, I was on a diet where I had to count every single portion of all the food groups and was allowed only a certain amount of each. Welcome to 4th grade baby! To make matters worse, my ears were like 2 open stable doors and i was being teased at school where i got the wonderful nickname Dumbo….

That’s when I got my first cosmetic surgery… in 4th grade…ear reconstruction.

By the time I hit high school, the extra weight was still there accompanied by critics and judgement and a huge pair of “girls”…2nd cosmetic surgery…At least I had my friends or so I thought.

It didn’t work out that way.

Being now in famous high school, we couldn’t hang out together anymore because my body image would prohibit them from getting boyfriends, I was ruining the gang’s image.

I went from being surrounded by friends to completely alone in one day.

I could go on and on about stories that always puts my weight, body shape into the equation but it’s not my goal to write my biography now, maybe later…

I just want to let all the Goddesses out there know, and yes you ARE Goddesses, that I have been there, I know the feeling, the hurt, the guilt and the incomprehension. I have lived them all. I have put my body through many difficult situations because of it. It is still standing. Our bodies are amazing.

Those experiences make us who we are, who we become. We can decide what to do with them, turn them into positive action.

It took me a long time to understand why people did what they did, it was all about their perception, not about me. What was about me though was that I had to learn to like and love myself just as I was and I had to embrace my earthly body for all its perfect imperfections, its edges, its curves. It took me a long time and it is still a work in progress but the weight is off my shoulders, literally!

This is my vision for soul styling: to assist you in liking and loving yourself using the techniques and tools of styling so you step into your best self everyday. It is your turn to get that off your shoulders.

It is so hard in our society now to feel good about ourselves in all areas of our something crazy and fast lives when we are bombarded by picture perfect bodies, social media criticism and so on. This is where we can change things for our daughters, sisters, nieces, girlfriends and mothers. Let’s put our experiences to use and support each other in feeling beautiful, powerful and loved.

Who’s with me?

If you feel like sharing your body story, I would love to hear it. You can write me in total confidence at

May you always shine.



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