Soul Styling shopping adventure

Is shopping a chore for you? Do you struggle to find the right pieces or often feel that what looks good on the mannequin just doesn’t suit you? Are you feeling discouraged when you think about the money you’ve spent on clothes you bought but have never worn? These challenges can turn shopping into a nightmare and a very frustrating experience.

But… shopping doesn’t have to be difficult! In fact, I can turn shopping into an experience that you will look forward to and actually have fun doing.

Welcome to Soul Styling™ shopping.

This process is about so much more than shopping. I assist you in finding the perfect pieces for YOU (body, mind and soul). You will learn more about your body’s morphology, the cuts that fit you best and how to use the energy of colours and fabrics to enhance your inner goddess. You will discover that by dressing your body for who you really are, you will feel more confident, beautiful and powerful. Your energy levels will increase and you will be ready to tackle any task.

What Emily A. has to say about her Soul Styling Shopping Adventure experience:

“Shopping with Brigitte is like going shopping with the best version of yourself. One that knows how to shop within a time frame effectively based on your budget and looks fabulous without having any fitting room meltdowns. Simply put, Brigitte is highly aligned with her talents as soon as she hits the shopping mall parking lot. The professionalism leaks through her works as she plans your shopping trip based on your clothing needs and intentions for your body type, figure and shape. Effective, thoughtful and engaged with her clients, she makes you feel beautiful for what you previously thought was a negative body feature. Brigitte is more than a stylist. She is a teacher that helps you love your body for what it is. She does not dress you for when you will have shed those 10 pounds, or when you will have a perkier butt, she dresses you as you are right now, and shares the profound realization that our bodies are perfect the way they are naturally. She has a keen eye for fabrics, and materials that can make any budget look like a million bucks. Well versed in the latest fashion trends, Brigitte not only revamps your closet, but helps you own your quirks, and add a pop of color to it while doing so.”

This service includes:

Before shopping day: 20 minute phone interview to target your needs
On shopping day: Bottle of water and hands free shopping (yep, I’ll carry your bags!)
Enjoy your Soul Styling™Shopping Adventure according to your schedule
Cost: $85/hour + TX
Max of 1-3 stores/hour
Let’s start this adventure together and say goodbye to the headaches of shopping!

Contact me here to get started

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