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Goddess Talk



I consider every body a divine conception and I am in awe of the intricate mechanism of it.

So I have a hard time when we talk about body shape and I hear ” oh, you’re a pear” or ” an apple”. New terms are now being used in the styling business, shape are referred to as an alphabet letter. Much better. But still, if our bodies are divine, shouldn’t we all be Goddesses?

So this is my plan now, every single one of you will be a Goddess in my book.

Let me introduce you to Athena, Hera, Venus and Xochi.

Athena, Greek goddess of strong will and wisdom, she needs a good strong lower body to stay firmly grounded. Shoulders narrower than hips: A shape

Meet Hera, Goddess of family and children, queen of all Gods. She is balanced between her hips and shoulders with a less defined waist. She needs good space around the womb for all her family: H shape

Then come Venus, Goddess of love. She needs a strong upper body to open her arms and embrace all forms of love. Hips narrower then shoulders: V shape

Finally Xochi, Aztec Goddess of all women, needs to be balance and strong for us. Balance between upper and lower body with a defined waist: X shape.

 So which shape goddess do you think you are? Take the shape quiz and find out.


Start your Soul Styling™ journey now with a simple quiz to discover your Goddess shape!

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