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Balancing act


The goal in styling is to establish a balance or symmetry with the body.

The eye see the equilibrium and if everything is symmetrical, then it send the message to the brain: “all’s cool” that’s great, let’s move on to something else”.

If the eye detects an unbalanced body like too much volume on top or bottom, it will stop and send to the brain, something’s not working out here, what’s happening?

Your eye won’t be able to go anywhere else until the brain figures it out! I am trying to help your brain so you can go on with your life, you welcome!

So, if your eye can detect that balance or imbalance in what you are looking at, other people’s eye can do the same with you.

By dressing your body to respect the balance, you will always send a “look good, no problem here” to everybody’s brain. Again you welcome!

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