Affirmation time! Just say it again…


Here I am again, sitting down ready to write and waiting to be inspired so I can inspire others. I realize that I still want to say the same things but in a different way. I was once told that you have to repeat affirmations for at least 17 seconds, 3 times a day and for a minimum of 21 days to integrate it into your life. I’m not too much out in left field by wanting to do exactly that.

So this is my affirmation to you.

You are beautiful.

Repeat after me” I am beautiful”

Find the time to give yourself a compliment everyday. Enjoy the feeling of wellbeing and the actual happiness that it can bring you.

Now get dressed in a way that will make you feel energized. Take the time to choose the item that suits you best, cut and color combine. Add some bling too.

Go out in the world and spread your happiness!

May you always shine


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