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Brigitte Corbeil is a personal stylist, but beyond that she is a facilitator of well-being for all women. She is the author of the upcoming book « The Goddess Guide to Soul Styling lifestyle ». She loves teaching her clients how to find the right clothes for all body shapes and more importantly, help women feel good about themselves from the inside out. She has devoted most of her life to helping and supporting others by volunteering in health causes close to her heart, sitting on administrative boards in her community and putting her airline pilot career on hold to raise her children.

When you work with Brigitte, you can expect to have fun and to feel amazing. You’ll be delighted by her sense of humour, her love and understanding of every body and the impact only a few sessions can have on your inner worth and self image. Her work allows women to discover their inner Goddess in that she reminds you that you are beautiful inside and out. She’s one of a kind in her field, using styling as a tool towards well being and allowing women to develop to their full potential.

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Brigitte’s personal story…

I was always very aware of my body image. Feeling a bit too round growing up for the times and not at my best, I needed to get out of that “body mold” society dictates and do something different. It was the 1980’s and this girl decided she was going to fly planes. Yep, planes.photo pilote

Wearing a non-descript uniform did not help my self-confidence. It was totally out of the ordinary to have a female pilot at that time so the uniforms we had to wear were for men. Try to feel divine and powerful in that!

Nonetheless, I tried to spruce the uniform up a bit and that’s when I discovered my passion for styling and the effect our clothes have on our attitude, energy and self-esteemBeing a pilot gave me the opportunity to travel the world, see different cultures and learn their take on body image. It also gave me the chance to discover clothing lines and local stores abroad. I had been all over the world before I decided to raise my 3 children as a stay at home mother. My love for styling, body image and fashion became more evident as a mom out on school outings, member of sports associations boards and being on the go with the kids.

They would often say: “Mom do you really have to get all dressed up all the time? It’s just a baseball game! I would respond YES and explain that when I step into my best self, my energy level and my self-esteem are much higher. I feel I can accomplish anything I want. Well, they are all grown up now and so I decided to pursue my passion professionally. I trained at the best and biggest styling agency in Canada « Les Effrontés » in Montreal where I got more than 145 hours of training and a diploma as a personal stylist.

We live in a society where body image is very present and it is how we are perceived. I want to assist every woman in discovering her divine Goddess and tell her: YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

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